Our Team

We have a small and dedicated team which includes our Visitor Services Officers, Volunteers, Gardener and Manager.

Kim Conroy - Site and Volunteer Supervisor

Image - Kim Conroy.

“Being able to work in such a beautiful place with such a dedicated team is a real privilege for me and it gives me so much pleasure to see the faces of our visitors when they look around the Garden, especially when they learn of the rich history that surrounds the Garden and how it came into being”

Ute Keck - Visitor Services Officer

Image - Ute Keck.

Every corner of the garden has something special and with every season the garden changes its face. I love the garden! It makes me feel like being in China. The most I enjoy meeting people from all over the world and seeing them being fascinated by the garden’s beauty and its unique atmosphere.

Li Wang - Visitor Services Officer

Image - Li Wang.

The garden and its ever changing face never ceases to fascinate me. I love the peace and inspiration I find in the garden. Working here is a great privilege and of course the joy of meeting people from all around the world is just another plus.

Carol Yang – Visitor Services Officer

Image - Carol Yang.

The Chinese Garden is such a peaceful place to work. I enjoy meeting people from all over the world and sharing my Chinese knowledge and culture with them. The most enjoyable time is Chinese New Year Festival. Hundreds of people from different countries come to the Garden and celebrate the biggest Chinese festival with us and that makes me feel like I’m at home.

Ming Du – Visitor Services Officer

Image - Ming Du.

I enjoy working at the Dunedin Chinese Garden, it's a very beautiful place and not only do I get to practise my English but I get to speak and translate Chinese for many of our visitors. Although our staff come from many different cultures they are all friendly and enjoy a good joke, I like that.

Danny Still - Visitor Services Officer

Image - Danny Still.

No-longer a collection of distinct isolated parts, the Chinese Garden now breathes as a whole entity. The elements of landscape and architecture sit seamlessly hand-in-hand and my impression that the plants are now taking over, belies the careful stewardship at work here.

The garden is a gem in the centre of our city and the most beautiful place I know to eat lunch!

Fiona McLeod - Visitor Services Officer

Image - Fiona McLeod.

The garden is such a beautiful place to come to work to each day. Every day there is something new to see or learn. The thing I enjoy the most is meeting all of our visitors from around the world and showing them what an amazing garden we have here in Dunedin.

Janet Leong - Visitor Services Officer

Image - Fanet Leong.

A little piece of ancient China in Dunedin, our garden gives inspiration and great pleasure to visitors near and far. I love guiding tours and sharing the beauty of the garden through the culture and traditions that are associated with its creation.

Joanne Ren - Volunteer

Image - Joanne Ren.

The Chinese Garden is such a beautiful place where you can enjoy the typical landscape of traditional garden. I enjoy my involvement in the Chinese community and help them integrate into New Zealand culture.

Jean Millar - Volunteer

Image - Jean Millar.

I like it here because it’s beautiful. I enjoy meeting the people and sharing the beauty of the area with them. Volunteering at the garden gives me a great interest.

Brian McCormack - Volunteer

Image - Brian McCormack.

The seasons come and go and so do the festivals and other occasions and activities that bring life to this wonderful Dunedin attraction. I am privileged to work here. It’s so rewarding to see the enjoyment on adults' and children's faces as they explore this serene and beautiful tribute to the city’s Chinese forefathers and their descendants. Having learnt so much about a scholar's garden, I love to be able to share a little of it with those who can stop for a moment to contemplate.

Chelsea Steen-Jones - Volunteer

Image - Chelsea Steen-Jones.

I started volunteering at the gardens when I came to Dunedin to study. It has been a wonderful place to escape from assignments and exams. The people are always wonderful and the garden is always beautiful.

Ian Melvin - Gardener

Image - Ian Melvin.

The autumn colours are starting to show in the garden. My favourite place in the garden in autumn is the southern courtyard, where a variety of different chrysanthemums in pots are grouped together. In the same courtyard the potted Liriope Muscari is in flower, alongside the Chinese red pine make an interesting foil for the chrysanthemum display, catching the eye through the lattice windows as you pass along the passage to the outside of the courtyard.

Image - Pavillion at Dunedin Chinese Garden